Morocco luxury Desert Camp

Desert Travel Services partners with Erg chigaga luxury Desert Camp to offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime, postcard experience of the Sahara. Your driver will take you to off the beaten path and high into the dunes where you will be greeted by native Berber nomads at Morocco desert camp.

Luxury desert camp

Settle in and enjoy a camel ride that leads you to an intimate viewing spot to watch the sun set while enjoying Moroccan wine.

Whether you choose a private luxury desert camp experience or elect to stay at the main camp (which is also quite intimate), you will find your senses revived as you relax in
a silent oasis of calm and serenity and take time to bask in one of Earth’s most spectacular natural landscapes.


Transport to Morocco desert Camp by 4×4

The drive out to Morocco desert camp is in itself a spectacular trip. You’ll witness an eclectic mix of mountain passes, lush valleys, Berber villages, ancient kasbahs, palm groves and awe inspiring rock formations.Morocco desert camp

The trip is quite long (about 9 hours from Marrakech), and should be accomplished in at least two days if possible.

Desert Travel Services’s suggested itinerary is to spend one night at a maison d’hôtes en route to the desert camp, three nights in the desert, then return to Marrakech in one day via Foum Zguid. If you are pressed for time, however, it is possible to drive directly from Marrakech to the luxury desert camp and to reduce the length of stay at the campsite to two nights.

For those who are extremely pressed for time, it is possible to fly into Zagora, which is a three hour drive from the camp. Royal Air Maroc offers commercial flights from Marrakech and Fez, via Casablanca, to Zagora. Please note – the flights operate on Monday and Thursdays only, and this option only works when travelling to the luxury desert camp (there are no decent connections from Zagora back to Fez).

As a general rule, flights operate according to the following schedule:

To Camp:

Depart: Marrakech/Fez: 6:00 AM

Arrive: Casablanca: 6:30 AMy

Depart: Casablanca: 9:00 AM

Arrive: Zagora: 10:30 AM

Returning from Camp:

Depart: Zagora: 10:30 AM

Arrive: Casablanca: 11:30 AM

Depart: Casablanca: 4:30 PM

Arrive: Marrakech: 5:35 PM

Since all flight options are routed through Casablanca, it is typically quite convenient for our guests on trans-Atlantic flights from New York. If flying from Europe, you can choose to fly to Casablanca versus Marrakech.

More information is available on the Royal Air Maroc website:


Transport to Morocco desert Camp by Air

A more expensive yet convenient way to get to the camp is to charter a helicopter or light aircraft. The journey from Marrakech to the camp takes an hour and a half by air. Various light aircraft are available, ranging from twin-engined 7, 10 and 18-seaters to single engine 4-seaters. Helicopter transport seats 5 passengers.Morocco desert camp

Please note – althought the light aircraft can fly over the Atlas in any weather, the helicopter is only able to fly in clear conditions (about 80% of the time).

The helicopter costs about 5,800 euro (6,300 US dollars) for a one-way trip from Marrakech to the camp. If returning within 24 hours, there is no additional cost. Additionally, it costs approximately 3,000 euro (3,200 US dollars) per day to park the helicopter at camp.

The least expensive air option is the single engine light aircraft. A roundtrip flight from Marrakech to the luxury desert camp with a one-night layover costs 2,700 euro (2,900 US dollars). A one-way flight is about 2,300 euro (2,500 US dollars). The twin-engine flights costs approximately 5,000 euro (5,400 US dollars) for a one-way trip and 8,000 euro (8,600 US dollars) for a roundtrip flight with a one-night layover.




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